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Worker’s Compensation

Workman’s Compensation Lawyer Laconia NH

Matt has been representing injured workers in New Hampshire since he started practice in 1983. He is skilled at gathering the evidence necessary to prove that an injury is work related. Matt fights hard to win the wage benefit that injured workers need to support their families and the medical benefits to pay their bills.

Matt can help you file or understand the claims filing process. He can help you understand your rights under workman’s compensation laws. Has your claim been denied? Matt can help!

Matt has represented injured workers in hundreds of Department of Labor hearings with great success.
Once it has been established that an injury is work related, and wage benefits and medical bills are being paid, Matt is very adept at securing lump sum settlements and permanent impairment awards.

What should I do if I get injured while at work?

If you have gotten hurt at work. tell your employer as soon as possible, and fill out form 8aWCA, (which is an accident report} right away.Your employer will give you this form. Make sure that you keep a copy of it for yourself. You actually have up to 2 (two) years to report an injury or illness that occurred in the workplace, but it is, of course, far better to report it right away.

What is my employer’s responsibility in reporting my injuries?

NH law states: “Every employer or self-insurer shall record in sufficient detail and shall report or cause to be reported to the commissioner any injury sustained by an employee in the course of employment as soon as possible, but no later than (5) days after the employer learns of the occurrence of such an injury.”

If an employer fails to file a First Report of Injury, the employer may be subject to a fine of up to $2,500.00.

What is the protocol for worker’s comp in the state of NH?

for New Hampshire Workers, the Workers’ Compensation law says If you are hurt at work, workers’ compensation will pay your medical bills. It will also pay 60% of your lost wages if you have missed more than three days of work. All employers by law must provide Worker’s’comp, which is a type of insurance.

Will I still receive worker’s compensation benefits if the accident was my fault?

Yes. Worker’s compensation covers all employees. It doesn’t even matter whose fault the cause of the injury was. Employees can get worker’s comp in most cases, even if they are immigrants, part-time or just temporary. Undocumented workers are also eligible for most kinds of workman’s comp benefits, which includes getting their medical bills paid,

Can I choose my own doctor?

Yes. If are hurt at work in the state of New Hampshire, you have the right to choose your own doctor. In addition, you have the right to get a second opinion on your injury from another doctor. In almost all cases, you have the right to choose any doctor you want. If your worker’s comp carrier has a stipulation called “managed care”, you will have to choose from a list of their doctors

Who decides if I am entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits?

Your worker’s compensation carrier (or your employer, if he is self employed) will initially decide your eligibility in receiving the benefits.

What if I feel my claim has been wrongly denied?

If your worker’s compensation carrier denies your claim, you must not give up. Sometimes insurance companies will initially deny a claim for any number of reasons, which could include things like not having enough medical documentation. You have the right to request a hearing at the Department of Labor so that you may dispute the denial in person. Hearings are held at the Department of Labor building in Concord before administrative officers. Almost 50% of all injured workers that appeal their case to the Department win the hearing. You have up to 18 months from the date of the denial to request a hearing.

Should I hire an attorney to represent me?

There are many circumstances where hiring an attorney who specializes in worker’s compensation law is a prudent
choice. He will have had years of experience and expertise in this area, and will know what your best plan of action should be. If your claim is initially denied, the attorney can go ahead and file an appeal to the administrative board. If he wins the appeal, he will be awarded 20% of your unpaid of your disability benefits. If he does not win the appeal, the attorney does not get paid. There are no out of pocket costs to you during this process.


Workers compensation settlement of $250,000 for a man who suffered bi-lateral shoulder injuries while working as a lineman for a telecommunications company.

Workers compensation settlement of $200,000 for a machinist who suffered a low back injury.

Lump sum workers compensation settlement of $170,000 for an HVAC installer who suffered significant back and neck injuries.

Lump sum workers compensation settlement of $150,000 for a woman who suffered a closed head injury when a service elevator door struck her on the head.

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