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When you have been involved in a car accident, it is not always easy to know what to do next. If there are injuries involved, you may suffer lost wages and be faced with considerable medical bills going into the future. During your recovery period, you may have car repairs to oversee and any number of unexpected expenses. It can be a very difficult period for you.

However, it is often during this same period of time that insurance companies will try to play games and offer you a quick settlement that is unjust and unfair. Don’t let this happen to you!

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What can I do if I am unable to afford an attorney?

Most law firms will agree to take on a personal injury case for a contingent fee, which means that the law firm will subtract it’s fee from any amount that the firm collects for you. If there is no amount that is recovered, then the law firm receives no fee, however, the client would be typically responsible for actual expenses, which can include court filing fees or witness fees, even if the claimant loses the case.

If I am seeking to recover my damages, who do I sue?

There are cases where an accident victim may be able to sue parties beside the driver who was at fault. For instance, if driver who was at fault did not own the car, then the car’s owner may be liable for your damages as well. If the at fault driver was impaired from driving under the influence, you may be able to bring a “dram shop” complaint against the business that served the alcohol to that driver, even though he was visibly impaired. There are cases where you may be able to bring an action against another party, i.e., an automobile manufacturer or a construction company, if there was a defect in the vehicle, or if something in the roadway caused the accident. If a tractor trailer was involved in the accident, that driver’s violation of rules/regulations can be the basis for a lawsuit against the driver or his employer.

Can I still recover my damages even if I caused the accident?

If the accident was your fault, recovering damages depends on the laws of your state. There are states who do not consider fault with regards to some damages, and with those states, your economic losses may be paid out by your own no fault policy. Other states do consider fault, but you still may be able to recover for your injuries, even though accident was partially your fault. In that case, however, you may have to prove that the other party’s fault was of greater significance than yours, or perhaps to reduce the amount of your own compensation by the percentage of your fault.

Will I have to go to court?

That is not always necessary. There are many motor vehicle accident cases that are settled without even filing a lawsuit, and actually, most lawsuits are concluded without an actual trial. A settlement can avoid all the costs and delays of a trial, and sometimes results in a greater net recovery. If the case cannot be settled on satisfactory terms, however, it may be necessary to go to trial.

Will I have to see a Doctor?

If you are injured in an car accident, you should always seek medical attention, both to document the the injury as well as for your own peace of mind and to document the injury. Documenting the injury will help support your claim. Sometimes, an automobile accident injury will not be apparent immediately, but Whenever symptoms first appear,you should go to a hospital emergency room, your family doctor, or to another medical professional to seek medical help.

What is the time frame in which I have to file my claim?

Each state has time limitations when bringing a personal injury claim. The length of that period, as well as the way it is measured in car accident cases, will vary from state to state. The time period may also vary depending on the circumstances that surround the accident, such as the type of personal injury claim and the claimant’s age, as well as the the particular facts giving rise to the injury, and just when the injury was discovered. You must be fully aware of the time limitation period that will apply to you, or you may risk jeopardizing your legal rights in the claim.


Settlement of $600,000.00 for a man seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident while working when his vehicle was struck by another vehicle.

Settlement of $425,000.00 for a man operating a motorcycle who collided with a motor vehicle that turned in front of him. The man suffered a serious ankle injury that required multiple surgeries.

Settlement for a woman seriously injured in a head-on motor vehicle accident with a drunk driver going the wrong way. The case settled for the full policy limits against both the drunk driver and the establishment where he had been drinking shortly before.

Settlement of $575,000 for a young man who suffered significant back injuries in a motor vehicle accident on I-95 in Massachusetts. The man also received a $75,000 workers compensation settlement as he was working at the time of the accident.

Settlement of $250,000 for woman involved in motor vehicle accident while working. She also received a $50,000 workers compensation claim settlement.

Settlement of $200,000 for an elderly woman involved in a motor vehicle accident who suffered an ankle injury that required surgery.

Settlement of $150,000 for a motor vehicle accident involving two men; the driver swerved to avoid a deer and hit a tree, injuring the passenger.

Settlement of $137,000 for woman who sustained injury in Arkansas as the result of items falling from a truck in front of her that struck her vehicle.

Settlement of $115,000 for a passenger injured in a motor vehicle accident where the driver was impaired by alcohol.

Settlement of $100,000 for a woman who was struck by a motor vehicle while crossing a street and suffered significant shoulder injuries.

Settlement of $100,000 for a woman who suffered significant neck injuries in a motor vehicle accident.

Settlement of $100,000 for a woman involved in a motor vehicle accident in Florida who suffered a significant knee injury.

Settlement of $100,000 for a woman involved in a rear-end motor vehicle accident who suffered neck and back injuries.

Settlement of $60,000 for a young man who was struck by a motor vehicle while crossing a street in Vancouver, British Columbia and suffered shoulder and knee injuries.

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