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Medical Malpractice

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What is the definition of “Medical Malpractice”?

Medical malpractice is a term that describes conduct which deviates from a standard of care which is owed by medical professionals to their patients. It is imperative that they exhibit the same degree of knowledge, care, and skill that other reasonable medical professionals- hospitals, doctors, nurses, etc.-would use in a similar situation.

What has to be proven in a medical malpractice claim to be successful?

When the relationship of the patient and the medical professional has been established, the doctor owes the patient the duty of conforming with a certain standard of care. Prevailing in a medical negligence claim requires t the party who has been injured show that 1. the medical professional has breached that duty; 2. the party was actually injured, and 3. that the breach of that duty has caused the party’s injuries. Medical malpractice claims can be complicated and costly. To ensure that your damages claim and your right to recovery are fully protected, it is imperative to choose a malpractice attorney with resources, knowledge, experience, and the skill required to litigate your claim.

What are some circumstances that can result in initiating a medical malpractice lawsuit?

Some common causes that can justify a medical malpractice claim include:
inappropriate or delayed treatment
Failure in properly diagnosing or treating a condition.

How do I know if my Doctor is guilty of medical negligence?

A poor result alone is not always evidence of medical malpractice, but it may provide good grounds for a suspicion of medical malpractice or that some form of negligence may have occurred. Suspicions should be thoroughly investigated, and an experienced medical negligence attorney is used to sifting through bad results and can separate actionable malpractice from common place bad results that are nobody’s fault. Complete investigations include things like collecting and examining medical records,medical data, and then having this material evaluated by qualified doctors, medical experts and lawyers. This type of in depth investigation can often reveal or rule out medical malpractice.

Have I waved my rights if I have signed a consent form?
When you sign a consent form, you are just acknowledging that you understand there are known risks to the medical procedure you are about to undergo, but you are not consenting to a standard of care that falls below what is owed by a medical professional to his patient.


Confidential settlement on behalf of the estate of an elderly woman killed in a nursing home by another male resident. Evidence was developed that showed that the man had previously been aggressive and assaultive to staff and other residents, including the deceased woman.

Confidential settlement for a woman who fell and suffered a hip fracture requiring replacement while in the care of a hospital. The woman had been administered a colonoscopy with sedation. The woman was gotten up too soon and fell when she was left alone to dress.

Confidential settlement for an elderly woman who fell out of a second-floor window at a state nursing facility for residents with behavioral issues. The woman suffered multiple fractures. Expert evidence showed that when the windows were replaced only a few years before, the construction did not include “chocks” that would have prevented the windows from opening far enough for residents to get out.

Confidential settlement for an elderly woman who was injured while rehabbing in a hospital for a hip replacement. Hospital staff failed to notice signs that the replaced joint had partially dislocated, causing the woman to fall and fracture the joint. A second hip replacement surgery was required.

An elderly woman in a county nursing home fell from her wheel chair while being transported by staff. She suffered a hip fracture. Matt filed a medical negligence action against the nursing home. The case settled prior to trial for $150,000.

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